KEP Highlights Reel (Sea Mammal)

Highlights from my stint at King Edward Point (November 2016 to April 2018), encompassing wildlife, mountains and japes.

South Georgia football (soccer): Grytviken IX vs Shackleton All Shacks

The highlight of the 2017-18 season. Read the accompanying article here:

Ellie Fight!

A pair of male Southern Elephant Seals fighting it out for the right to be master of Freshwater Beach, Bird Island, South Georgia. The loser ended up with a severely damaged nose, while the winner got the chance to mate with all the females on that beach, which this year was one.

KEP's Hard Sexit + Out-takes

King Edward Point's entry for the 2017 Antarctic 48hr Film Festival. Planned, filmed and edited over the weekend 4th to 6th August, it had to include the following elements; a blind bartender, a sausage, the line 'please could you light my fire', the sound of popcorn popping and a karate chop.
The plot follows a disenfranchised set of South Georgia residents being led to believe all their woes are due to faceless Antarctic bureaucrats. Will a shady stranger persuade them to quit the continent? And will it work out well? The answers are yes and no respectively.
This version includes the blooper reel / out-takes.