The Return South / by Jerry

26th January - on the Shackleton, about 500 miles west of the Falklands.

After a nice few weeks at home catching up with friends and family it was good to be heading south again, even if that journey would take a long week.

A long flight down to Chile, best part of a day hanging around Santiago airport then on to the Falklands. I had a few days there so was able to get out for a few walks and see a bit of wildlife in the bays and coves around Stanley then nearer Mare Harbour as we stopped to fuel.

Falklands Night Heron. Great views of a few of these near where the ship was docked in Stanley.
Magellanic Penguin with it's chick peeking out of a burrow, Gypsy Cove.

Southern Sea Lions sleeping on a jetty in the middle of Stanley, near the tourist information.

Bertha's Beach, near Mare Harbour. An excellent spot for a few hours walk and a last paddle in the sea before heading further south.

Gentoos enjoying the sand, unaware that their relatives on Bird Island have more mud than they know what to do with.
So far the seas have been calm and the ship has sped along it's way. I've been feeling great - managed every meal and been fit enough to help out with the ship's cleaning rota.

Black-browed Albatross. I spotted the first one 45 minutes after we left Stanley and it felt like the first welcome back home.

Next stop, Bird Island.