Midwinter / by Jerry

Well the smallest day of the year has been and gone. The winter solstice; a major celebration in Antarctica. At the continental bases it marks the turning point when they can count down until when they see the sun rise again. Here in the higher latitudes it marks the halfway point of our winter.

We now start looking forward to the next breeding season and new arrivals. It feels like a proper demarkation between the season just passed an the one to come.

We've had a week of activities, kicking off Thursday 20th when we started receiving greetings from all the other bases across the continent. Here's some photographic highlights:

Out on the ridge in sunny weather to get a nice picture with a Wandering Albatross chick for our Midwinter Greetings card (Craig's photos).
WBC cooks a big breakfast for all on base (Craig's photo).
A matinee viewing of Antarctic horror movie 'The Thing' (Craig's photo).

 Sitting down for the Midwinter meal (Craig's photo).

 The exchange of gifts (Craig's photos).

 Knife set made by Craig for Jerry.

 Seal photos and map made by Steph for Hannah.

 Steph's painting by Jerry.

Craig's playing card set from Hannah.
Winter work continues through the week, despite a big storm bringing waves all the way over the seal beach,.
An unexpected predator, Cassin's Falcon we think, harassing the pipits and also the gulls.
A huge snow fall overnight left the place looking like a proper Christmas scene.
Gentoo investigating the snow.
Looking across the bay to the base, a rare snowy and sunny day.
Leopard seals still patrolling the area.
The Highland Games; tossing a small caber.
Crazy golf in the Generator Shed...

... and the corridor...

...and the lab...

... and the boot room.
Relaxing in the Boot Room Beach Bar.

Our campsite for the Glastonbury recreation.

Playing in the big lake that's formed as all the run-off snow and rain has been trapped by an enormous dam of shingle and kelp.