'Do a force and that', like it says in your film. / by Jerry

Star Wars Day

The 'any reason to celebrate' theme continued on May 4th, being International Star Wars Day. After a day out setting up a camera at an albatross colony, taking in electronics from a penguin colony and checking on fledged geeps I returned with little time to work on my costume.

A Tusken Raider, Darth Vader, Darth Maul and Porkins celebrate Star Wars day. 
I never fail to be amazed at the creativity of people when properly getting into the swing of fancy dress. Unfortunately, Darth Vader, Porkins and I were all rather warm and facially challenged when it came to eating, so the costumes didn't stay on too long.
'Don't play with your food'.
'But it's pasta Jedi knights'.
Amazingly, Craig had cooked a Star Wars themed meal - pasta in the shape of Jedi knights, TIE fighters, Millenium Falcons and Death Stars (alright, that's an easy one).

Darth Maul playing detective in a respectable English country mansion.
Following a game of Cluedo we sat down to watch Star Wars Uncut - the brillian fan remake. 

Some actual work

As usual, the first of the month saw the Wandering Albatross nesting survey. Again I headed east to the end of the island and meandered back again checking on chicks. Happily almost all of them are still alive and looking fat and fluffy enough to give encouragement for their winter chances.

Wandering Albatross chicks appreciating the good weather.
Adult Wandering Albatrosses overlooking Bird Sound. 
Albatross not yet decided whether to creep past or take off.
While out and about I was also checking on rat-boxes. These are specially designed boxes with bait balls that I have to check for any signs of nibbling to ensure we keep the island rat-free. It's well documented how much chaos and devestation rats can cause to ground-nesting birds and Bird Island is lucky in its inaccessibility that it's never been home to rats. Well one of these rat boxes made a good nesting spot for a pair of Storm Petrels, whose fluffy chick is growing up nicely in there.

Fluffy Storm Petrel chick in a rat-box.
I also managed a bit of exploring - down to the coast by Mountain Cwm which is open now the seals have mainly departed.

Find of the day; a good quality volleyball. Made in China, shipped to Argentina, played with by beautiful South Americans on a beach (I assume), lost at sea, washed up on Bird Island.
Interestingly the O has been pecked out in each spot, geeps trying to peck out its eyes perhaps?
Natural Arch, still home to a few seals.
Gentoo Penguin playing with rocks. They've been engaging in a bit of nest-building. Not seriously, but just keeping their spots looking smart and owned.
Skua washing itself.