Changes / by Jerry

The RSS James Clark Ross appeared on Saturday and the first people we've seen since November visited, dropping off potatoes, frozen veg and post and taking away Jaume, the first personell change since our arrival. 

His last week on the island was by no means a quiet one, in fact he was running round chasing seal puppies pretty much until he left. Partly as it's his natural way, partly as an injury to Jon meant Hannah needed some help.

Doc school goes real: Tamsin talks everyone through how she'll mend Jon.

Boat day seemed such an exciting event. Maybe more so to those who got more post than just a few letters from the tax man, but even despite that I think it was the change of routine and something out of the ordinary. It was nice to have different faces to look at for a while.

 "Let's have a nice group photo of Jaume leaving. Oh... okay, thanks guys."

Later on Craig got his long-planned / long-wished-for dream - a dry, calm evening when he could have a barbeque. He went all out for it too, with large chunks of steak and lamb, big veg skewers, big, fresh baps and thick chips.

Optomistic skuas waiting for scraps.

 Wrapped up well and warm on a rare, calm evening.

With as much food shoved down us as we could manage we let the geeps and skuas have a few chunks. But only if they were brave.