Puppy weighing and more ice / by Jerry

Several days ago we all headed over to Main Bay for the first of the three annual Fur Seal puppy-weighing sessions. In small groups we split up to find 100 puppies, record their details and weigh them. At the moment they're still pretty small, generally 5 to 9 kgs, and not too much trouble. The weights can be compared to previous years and will give us a general impression as to the health of the whole population.

A group of puppies who avoided the weighing process.

 Puppy school.

 A group of King Penguins. There's been a few small clusters of them coming up the beaches to moult.

 More puppies finding ideal rest / hiding places amongst all the timber.

There's been a good passage of icebergs in the last few days. One appeared off the west point of the island and slowly drifted round past the landing beach. The next day the seal team reported that the tip of it was visible along the coast so we popped round for a closer look. We found it had nearly washed up in one of the bays and as the seal numbers are lower now we were able to scramble down for a better look. Although pretty broken up the berg was very impressive, with blue chunks bobbing near the bigger white mass. There were lots of solid blocks thrown up on the rocks and we took a few of these smaller ones back to have with our gin and tonics.

 The view from the jetty.

 The view from round the corner.

Me with a bag of naturally harvested ice.

Brightening up the place with a bit of hair-dye madness (Jon's photo).