2013 already? / by Jerry

We're currently in the midst of a few days of constant rain, not stopping work but making it cold, wet and muddy. It was only a few days ago I was out in just shorts and t-shirt!

I went out to help Steph with another batch of Wandering Albatross nest locating and she was able to show me a few of the Grey-headed Albatross chicks (above), while as it was a nice day I took her over to Big Mac (below) to see the Macaroni Penguins whose chicks are also starting to hatch.

Of course it's been New Year, and despite the workload we found time to celebrate. A fancy dressed group gathered together in 'Dr Strange's Evil Cocktail Bar' for a wide range of Bird Island based drinks.

The bar was adorned with many strange bits of scientific equipment, the best decorations perhaps being the eyeballs. They're legitimately collected from dead penguins and albatrosses as part of a study into vision.

At midnight we headed out to welcome in 2013.

Happy New Year all.