1st week training / by Jerry

This time last week I was still frantically trying to find somewhere to live in Cambridge. Happily that got sorted in time for my arrival late on Sunday to start with an early walk across town and my first day at work.

There's been a lot of information thrown at us but it's been a fairly relaxed week so we've had plenty of time to read through it. There's been lots of meetings with former Bird Island residents and others who've travelled the Antarctic; people with plenty of stories and advice that've got us all excited. I've got a running list of extra bits of kit I should be taking, from chocolate to knee-pads.

The office space is somewhat different from Skokholm. The view here isn't as good, but I didn't have to make the desk from old kitchen cupboards. I'm afraid the array of skulls in the Skokholm office is easily beaten by the stuffed Chinstrap Penguin on one desk here.

It's been a really sunny, hot week here and cycling to and from work would have been a pleasure if it wasn't for a bike that sometimes loses it's chain three times in five miles. I need to work out a route that doesn't get lost among the colleges and I can start jogging in.