Packing and fitting / by Jerry

My working life with BAS starts properly on Monday, so I'm enjoying my last weekend in Cardiff before heading over to Cambridge.

I was there earlier in the week, filling a packing case with a load of clothes and other bits of junk. Mostly things to keep me entertained through the long winter - a variety of art stuff and a hard drive full of films being the most obvious examples. I also checked over my BAS issue kit bag, checking the boots, thermals, fleeces, hat, gloves, jackets and insulated boiler suit all fit me. Although a fairly functional task it was quite exciting thinking about next time I'm going to be wearing those clothes it's going to be for real.

Prior to this packing I was back home very briefly and before that spending my last week on Skokholm. It was the first week of autumn work parties and you can read more about it here and here.

It felt great to be back, there's always a great sense of camaraderie when the work parties are going on and I'm sorry to be leaving before seeing everything to completion.

The Skokholm team (with apologies to the departed Molly); Will, Teresa, Me, Leighton and Lewis.

Before leaving I accomplished two things that felt like making my mark on the island. Firstly, burning a lot of my accommodation and, secondly, hiding a gnome in a mystery spot.

I look forward to checking up on these in two years time.

My final view of Skokholm before disappearing around the corner into Martin's Haven.