Gill scrambles and testing bivvy bags / by Jerry

We've been in the Lake District for a few days, enjoying a bit of walking. With us both wanting to do a bit of scrambling, and getting wet, we headed for Langdale and Browney Gill. This is an old favourite - a nice mix of scrambling, climbing and walking. It takes you straight up the south side of the Langdale valley to the east end of the Crinkle Crags, from where you can head west over them to the foot of Bowfell.

Unsurprisingly there was a large volume of water coming down the mountain, enough to give rough, white water in many places.

Traversing along the narrow gorge walls is possible most of the way up, but at some points you just have to put your feet down and get wet.

In other places scrambling up alongside the flow is enough to get you wet.

Then there are one or two places where you just have to get out and walk round.

At this point Charlotte jumped in, lost her sunglasses and struggled to get out.

After traversing the Crinkle Crags we headed down for a few drinks and a meal at the pub. Around 9pm we packed up and climbed up to Stickle Tarn, finding a suitable place to bivvy for the night.

Our bed for the night was a disassembled hut. Unconventional but flat and dry. It was located about halfway up the path on the picture below.

The night was clear, with a big, near-full moon. Waking up intermittently I saw a brilliantly clear pre-dawn glow to the horizon. However, when next I awoke the tops were covered in clouds and we could barely see the tarn below us.

Despite our early start we were not the only ones up on top of Pavey Ark, with a few other small groups checking directions with each other in the mist. The clouds cleared as we headed back down the valley to Stickle Tarn, where Charlotte had a swim and I had breakfast.

Back down at the car park we decided to do a quick dash up Stickle Ghyll, again quite a different chalenge from normal with the sheer volume of water running down it, but all good fun.